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Please see our Pizza options below, and then click 3 options of your choice below.


For the Herbivores (Veggie, Vegan available)

  • ‘Tastes Like Rainbows’ – Tomato base – For di latte – Roasted Mediterranean Veggies – Red pepper flakes
  • ‘Make Shroom In Your Clothes’ – Tomato base – for di latte – garlic mushrooms – baby spinach – Red pepper flakes
  • ‘Whatever Floats Your Goat’ – Tomato base – Goats cheese – Caramelised red onion – Rocket

For the Carnivores (Meat Eaters)

  • ‘Easy Does It’ – Tomato base – fior di latte – Pepperoni

  • ‘Dividing The Nation’ – Tomato base – fior di latte – ham – pineapple

  • ‘Pig Might Fly’ – BBQ base – fior di latte – Chicken – Smoky bacon – sweetcorn – Red onion 

  • ‘Some Like It Hot’ – BBQ base – fior di latte – Pepperoni – Chicken -Spicy beef – Red onion – jalapeño – chilli oil

  • ‘The Don’ – Tomato base – fior di latte – chicken – n’djua (spicy Calabrian sausage) – roquito peppers