How It Works

To Book

Head to our enquiry page so we can send a quotation. Please pop in the notes if you require Emmie – our bar (and/or coffee) trailer, power, sound, lighting or any other equipment so we can quote for this too. If you’d prefer to discuss, let us know a convenient time to call, we’re always happy to chat!

Note- we take a 25% or £250 whichever is higher- booking fee to save the date- click here for our terms and conditions

Before the big day…

Approximately 4-6 weeks prior to the day we send your final payment invoice and a link to a special page on our website. Here you can choose three pizza choices (to go alongside a simple margherita) which enables us too create a bespoke menu, just for you. You can also note any allergies or intolerances so we can ensure all guests can be catered for. If you’re going to have more guests than you initially expected, this is the time to let us know!

On the big day…

We are ‘self-contained’ which means we require little to no assistance from you- other than where you’d like us to set up! Our oven is 100% wood-fired and we run on battery power for our fridges and lights. We do ask to plug into mains to ensure we can run our PIZZA lighting on ‘Saffie’ or if we require additional power if you’re adding extras (such as deep fired churros or coffee- or both)!…

We’ll pop the hatch when it’s time and guests can come to order their pizza from your personalised set menu. We encourage a chat and guests and our previous wedding couples book us for this relaxed approach to dining.

Our pizzas take a matter of minutes and we cook a handful at a time, whilst prepping the next ready to fire! Making wood fired pizza one of the quickest and most social options for catering.

Its very rare we get leftovers, but if we do, we make these up and leave them for your guests to enjoy later in the evening/ take home for breakfast. Great if you’re having a few drinks later into the evening!

Note- We supply all thats required for us to cook and you to eat- pizza plates or boxes, knives and forks, napkins, menu, dips & dip pots for those crusts & a dressed serving table (when required).

At the end of service we pack everything back into our trailer and drive away. Simple!

Following the big day…

We really appreciate your feedback- we’d be really grateful if you could leave us a google review- it all helps!

Don’t forget to share any photos by tagging our socials @thegowerdoughco we’re always too busy making sure we give excellent service to get behind the lens- so we’re heavily reliant on our customer photos to keep our site updated!